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Level Up - your guide to the Hip Hop culture. We support old school heritage and keep the Hip Hop history alive. We will bring you back in the days and lead you through the trails. Level Up your knowledge of Hip Hop culture with us!
Level Up - your guide to the Hip Hop culture. We support old school heritage and keep the Hip Hop history alive. We will bring you back in the days and lead you through the trails. Level Up your knowledge of Hip Hop culture with us!
It's your chance to get a deep knowledge of the Culture from the real Hip Hop pioneer. He will tell you all of the history from the beginning of Hip Hop Culture till nowadays. You will get the info about original founders and the experience of living through Hip Hop lifestyle. Also Caz will interact with you and you'll be able to ask any questions you have



It's the first "Hip Hop helicopter tour" ever! All 44 years of the culture in one tour!

On the way to helicopter spot you'll see 2Pac's recording studio, the place where Notorious B.I.G. got shoot and some of Hip Hop movie locations. We'll show you the famous spot where N.W.A. made their first parties, some legendary recording studios and many more hip-hop landmarks.

From the sky, you'll see home of celebrities like Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, YG, MC Ren, DJ Quick, Ice-T, The Game, Suge Knight's, and more.



Brace yourself as you driving around historical LA streets with the best graffiti locations, where gangsters battled for the territory back in the days. We will make it bounce with the power of hydraulic suspension and the rhythm of Hip Hop music as we cruise though the streets of Cali. On the tour you will get a knowledge about lowrider history and West Coast gangsta`s lifestyle.


Hip Hop legends with Level Up

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